PRAY: God, help me spend my life in such a way that it brings honor to you.

READ: Acts 20:1-38

How we spend our lives reveals how we value the impact of the gospel of Christ on our lives. Those who value Christ will spend their lives in a particular way. Paul reveals this in his farewell words to the Ephesian elders saying, “…I don’t care what happens to me, as long as I finish the work the Lord Jesus gave me to do. And this work is to tell the good news about God’s gift of undeserved grace” (v 24). The Holy Spirit directs him to go to Jerusalem with only one thing being clear to him—he will suffer and be jailed. With persecution imminent, Paul asserts that the true value of his life is tied to how he spends his life in furthering the kingdom of God.

Paul challenges us to examine how we value our own lives by how we choose to spend our time, especially during periods of great trial and opposition. Paul encourages us to use our time pursuing the assignment of God upon our lives, telling others about the love of God, and remaining faithful to God’s Word.


How have you spent your life in the past month? Has it been spent pursuing God’s assignment and calling? Who have you told about the love of God recently? What challenges your faithfulness to God and the claims that God makes upon your life?


Ask God for power to overcome the challenges to being faithful to God’s claim upon you, as you seek to pursue God’s assignment to tell others about his love. Be intentional about pursuing opportunities to tell others about Christ.

By: Bishop Claude Richard Alexander, Jr., Senior Pastor, The Park Church