Launched in 2010, we are an initiative of The New York City Leadership Center.
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What is Movement Day?

Movement Day (MD) was launched in 2010, as a one-day to three-day gathering of ministry, marketplace and non-profit leaders passionate about cities and the Gospel of Jesus. It is an initiative of The New York City Leadership Center (NYCLC), a not-for-profit ministry focused on training Christian leaders to impact their cities.

Our Goal

To Accelerate a Gospel Movement in your City

The goal of a MD expression in your city is to accelerate a gospel movement – catalyzing highly trained, motivated and sold-out leaders determined to find solutions to the, “stubborn facts” plaguing cities across America and around the world. We define “stubborn facts,” as crime, poverty, apathy, failed educational systems, unemployment, etc. Our approach – multiply the impact of one – through the unity of many.

In the six-years since its inception, we have made the following five compelling observations about the power of Movement Day in advancing the gospel and improving life for the urban underserved.